advice, recommendation, counsel Iconspeaker_3
[het ad-vies, de ad-vie-zen]

go-straight-or-left-160712_640 “Advies” you can give (“geven”), obtain (“inwinnen”) or ask for (“om advies vragen”). You will also often hear the noun “raad”; it is somewhat synonymous with “advies” but you would not use it with “inwinnen”. The related verb is “adviseren”. Somebody who provides advice for a living, is called an “adviseur”. See Related Words for more.

– “Ik ga een nieuwe auto kopen, kan ik jou een keer bellen voor advies?” 
(“I’m going to buy a new car, is it alright if I call you sometime for advice?”)

– “Wat voor advies zou jij mij geven?” 
(“What would you advise me? / What advice would you give me?”)

– “Sander geeft vaak ongevraagd advies, maar hij bedoelt het goed.” 
(“Sander often gives unsolicited advice, but he means well.”)

– “Ik waardeer jouw advies altijd ten zeerste, maar in dit geval sla je de plank volledig mis!” 
(“I always highly appreciate your advice, but in this case you are way off!” Literally: “… you completely mis(hit) the plank/board”.)

– “Iemand met raad en daad bijstaan”: to advise and assist someone.

Related words:
– Raad: advice, counsel [noun] [de raad, <no plural>].
– Raad/advies geven: to advise/counsel (someone) [verb] [gaf raad/advies, raad/advies gegeven].
– Adviseren: to advise, to recommend [verb] [adviseerde, geadviseerd].
– Adviseur: adviser, advisor, counsel(l)or, counsel, consultant [noun] [de adviseur, de adviseurs].
– Advies inwinnen: to obtain advice about something [verb] [won advies in, advies ingewonnen].
– Aanraden: to recommend [verb] [raadde/ried aan, aangeraden].