Grammar: <dobbel> <steen> [noun] [de dobbelsteen, de dobbelstenen].

Translates to: dice (game).

A synonym for "dobbelsteen" is "teerling", but it is never used other than in one expression (see below).

<in a game:> "Het is jouw beurt om de dobbelsteen te gooien."
("It is your turn to throw the dice.")
See also "DWOTD (5): Beurt".

"De teerling is geworpen."
("The die is cast.")

Related words:
1. "Dobbelen": to (play) dice (usually to gamble).
2. "Steen": stone.

The novel ‘Les jeux sont faits’ by Jean-Paul Sartre is known in Dutch by the title ‘De teerling is geworpen’. Read more about this novel at