maybe, perhaps [adverb]

– "Zijn we er al bijna?" – "Ik weet het niet, misschien weet Isabelle het!"
("Are we almost there?" – "I don’t know, maybe Isabelle knows!")

– "Ga jij naar het feest vanavond?" – "Ja, maar ik kom misschien wat later…"
("Are you going to the party tonight?" – "Yes, but I may/might be a bit later…")

– "Is Frank er nog niet?" – "Nee, misschien heeft hij een lekke band."
("Has Frank not arrived yet?" – "No, perhaps he has a flat tire.")

– "Heb jij voor mij misschien een velletje papier?"
("Do you have a sheet of paper for me, by any chance?")

– "Wil jij misschien mijn kijkdoos even zien?"
("Perhaps you would like to take a look at my show-box?" This is a line taken from the Dutch song "Mijn kijkdoos" by "Hanny & De Rekels" (see ‘Extra’). In this song the word "kijkdoos" (literally "see-box") has a bit of a sexual connotation as the word "doos" is sometimes derogatorily used for the female genital organ, see also "DWOTD 82. Kijken" and "DWOTD 1. Doos".)

Related words:
– "Wellicht": perhaps, possibly.
– "Mogelijk": possibly, possible.

The music by "Hanny & De Rekels" is part of the so-called genre "levenslied". A "levenslied" (literally: life’s song) is a Dutch song, often a bit sentimental, with topics close to the daily life of the ordinary (wo)man. Another often used term is "smartlap" (literally: sorrow rag) . In the city of Utrecht, the "smartlappenfestival" is held annually.
Famous Dutch "levenslied" performers were "Andre Hazes", "Johnny Jordaan" and "Zangeres Zonder Naam" . Today, "Frans Bauer" is very popular. Read the full lyrics of "Mijn kijkdoos" at http://www.lyricsvault.net/songs/14130.html .