little quarrel/disagreement/conflict, little (unpleasant) incident Iconspeaker_3
[het ak-ke-fiet-je, de ak-ke-fiet-jes]

laundry-413688_640As you may have guessed, “akkefietje” is a diminutive form, and is always used as such. There’s no such thing as an “akkefiet”…

The etymology is a bit unclear, but is suspected that it originates from “acquavitje”, an ironical reference to the Latin “aqua vitae”: brandy (probably used to sooth the conflict…). “Akkefietje” nowadays translates tolittle quarrel/disagreement” or “little (unpleasant) incident”.

– “Ik zit niet te wachten op een akkefietje met Frank…opzouten!.” 
(“I’m not looking for a quarrel with Frank…beat it!”)

– “Ik had een akkefietje op de snelweg: een of andere idioot haalde me rechts in…” 
(“I had a little incident on the highway: some idiot overtook me on the right…”)

– “Derek heeft een akkefietje met zijn dochter, ze heeft een aarsgewei laten zetten…” 
(“Derek has a little conflict with his daughter, she had an ass-cap tattooed…”)

– “Met iemand in de clinch liggen”: to be in a disagreement/fight with someone.
– “Met iemand overhoop liggen”: to be in a disagreement/fight with someone.

Related words:
– Aanvaring: 1. quarrel, conflict [noun] [de aanvaring, de aanvaringen]. 2. crash, collision [noun] [de aanvaring, de aanvaringen].
– Conflict: conflict [noun] [het conflict, de conflicten].
– Ruzie: trouble, fight [noun] [de ruzie, de ruzies].

– “Hee makker, zoek je ruzie?”
(“Hey pal, are you looking for trouble?”)

Trammelant: trouble, hassle, fuss, fight [noun] [de trammelant, <no plural>].