window [noun] [het raam, de ramen]

1. "De boze buurman gooide een baksteen door het raam."
("The angry neighbour threw a brick through the window." See also "DWOTD 9. Buurt".)

2. "Hebt u voor mij een stoel aan het raam?"
(<while booking a seat:> "Do you have a window-seat for me?" Literally: "… seat at the window… ")

3. "Die bejaarde man zit de hele dag voor het raam en doet niets anders dan uit het raam kijken."
("That elderly man sits in front of the window all day long and does nothing else than looking out the window." See also "DWOTD 82. Kijken".)

4. "Wil je voor mij even het raam dichtdoen?"
("Could you please close the window for me?" The word "even" means "for a short while" but here it has no real meaning and is used to make the request sound friendlier. It is also often used in conjuction with the imperative, to lessen it a bit.)

5. "In dit huis zijn alle ramen van dubbel glas."
("In this house, all windows are double paned.")

Related words:
1. "Ruit": the glass part of the "window", e.g. "voorruit" ("windscreen/shield" of a car).
2. "Venster": opening to let light into a room, often having a window to close it off. Also used for smaller windows, and windows that have the purpose for you to be able to see what is inside (something).
3. "Vensterbank": windowsill (literally: window bench).
4. "Kozijn": (window) frame.
5. "Gordijn": curtain. See also "DWOTD 59. Gordijn".

The word "raam" appeared earlier in "DWOTD 31. Fiets".