boring, dull [adjective]

1. "Veel mensen vinden politiek erg saai."
("Many people find politics very boring.")

2. "Wat een saaie doos is zij, zeg!"
("Man, she’s really boring." Literally: "Say, she’s a real boring box!" The use of the word
‘doos’ for a woman is derogatory. See DWOTD 1. Doos.)

3. "Frank vindt zijn werk vaak erg saai."
("Often, Frank finds his work very boring.")

4. "Hoe was de voorstelling?" – "Erg saai."
("How was the show?" – "Very boring.")

5. "Dit is best een saaie DWOTD!"
("This is quite a boring DWOTD!)

Related words:
1. "Suf": dull. The common translation for "suf" would be: drowsy, slow(-witted).
2. "Monotoon": monotone.
3. "Eentonig": monotone. Literally: "of one tone".