bye bye, so long, ta ta, see you, etc. [expression]

"Doei" is an informal word that you can use when parting.

Examples of use:
1. Leaving a shop where the interaction was informal, or the staff is informal.

2. Saying goodbye to colleagues at the end of the day.

3. Hanging up the phone after talking to a friend.

Popular use: "doei, doei!".
In the last couple of years it has become popular to say "doei" twice,
especially for women, but men tend to do it too nowadays.

9 thoughts on “Doei

  1. Ja, goed, maar waar komt het dan oorspronkelijk vandaan? I am looking for the origin of this expression.
    thank you

  2. Dear Mieke, the origin of “doei” is not known says my etymology dictionary. It dates from after 1950 and potentially is some kind of contraction of “goeiendag” (derived from “goedendag”, which is probably the base for the other popular alternative for “doei”: “doeg”.)

  3. Hi Sander,
    Thanks for that. I do recall my aunts in Brabant saying,”Houdoe” whenever we would leave. It strikes me that it could possible be derived from the Anglo Saxon, How do you do?. What about Frisian? It would be interesting to check it out in the Frisian language.

  4. Is it not time to chuck out the dutch language and change to English? With the world getting smaller and smaller it makes more sense to have 1 global language and save the money and time spent to use it on other more important issues.

  5. Doei from Houdoe from Adieu (French for: Good bye)
    There is also Doeg, which seems to stem from a contamination from Doei and Dag, where Dag is a slightly less informal way than Doei of saying Goodbye

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