Grammar: <hamer> [noun] [de hamer, de hamers].

Translates to: hammer.

1. "Hamerhaai": hammerhead shark.

2. "Hameren": to hammer.

3. "Hamerstuk": a proposal on which the decision is a formality (literally: hammer piece/document).
This word comes from the world of meetings in which the chairman uses his hammer to close the decision making on a topic.

1."Afhameren": to deal with / decide quickly (literally: to hammer off). See "hamerstuk" above.

2. "Ergens op blijven hameren."
("To keep harping on something." Literally: "to keep hammering on something.")

"Frank bleef erop hameren dat iedereen zijn uren moet schrijven."
("Frank kept harping on how everyone must book his hours.")

3. "De man met de hamer tegenkomen."
This expression is used when one is about to collapse due to exhaustion during a sports activity. (Literally: "To run into / encounter the man with the hammer.")

"Na 35 kilometer kwam de marathonloper de man met de hamer tegen."
("After 35 kilometres the marathon runner was about to collapse.")

Related word:
"Spijker": nail.

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