space, room [noun] [de ruimte, de ruimtes]

"Ruimte" is used to describe definite and indefinite space or room.

1. "Heb je al woonruimte gevonden?"
("Have you found a place to live yet?")

Here "ruimte" is indefinite. Same in the following three examples:

2. "Is er vergaderruimte beschikbaar?"
("Are there any meeting facilities available?")

3. "Lange mensen hebben vaak gebrek aan beenruimte in een vliegtuig."
("Tall people often have lack of space for their legs in an airplane.")

4. "De regels laten niet veel ruimte over voor een creatieve oplossing."
("The rules do not offer much space/room for a creative solution." Literally: "…do not leave…")

The following two examples show the definite use of "ruimte":

5. "Frank miste de projectvergadering omdat hij in de verkeerde vergaderruimte zat."
("Frank missed the project meeting because he was in the wrong meeting room.")

6. "Isabelle heeft altijd al gedroomd van reizen door de ruimte."
("Isabelle has always dreamt of travelling through (outer) space.")

Related words:
1. "Zaal" : room, hall.
"Zaal" is always definite and is typically used for large rooms in which people gather for some kind of activity.

a. "Concertzaal": concert/music hall.
b. "Balzaal": ball room.
c. "Ontbijtzaal": breakfast room.
d. "Gymzaal": sports hall.
e. "Vergaderzaal": meeting room.

When talking about a small meeting room, use "vergaderzaaltje". One can also use the word "spreekkamer" ("speaking room") when the group is very small (say about 4 people or less).

2. "Heelal" : universe (literally: "the very/whole all").

"Dat is gelul in de ruimte!".
("That’s loose talk!")

"Gelul" comes from the verb "lullen" which is more or less synonym to "kletsen", but much more informal (!) and usually translates to "to talk nonsense". See DWOTD "Kletsen".

Where a Dutchman shouts "gelul!", an American might shout "bull!" 🙂

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