house [noun] [het huis, de huizen]

Houses in the Netherlands, of which there is great shortage, come in different styles. If one is lucky, one lives in a "herenhuis" – an old multi-storey house – or in a "grachtenpand" – a very big house at a canal -, but more common would be a "rijtjeshuis" – one of the many identical houses in a row.

1. "Pannenkoekenhuis": pan cake house/restaurant. Only in this case it is common to use "huis" instead of "restaurant".

2. "Ik ga naar huis."
("I am going home.")

3. "Heb jij een koophuis of een huurhuis?"
("Do you have your own house or a rented house?")

Related words:
1. "Thuis": at home.

"Hoe laat ben jij thuis?"
("At what time will you be home?")

2. "Dakloos": homeless (literally: roofless).
3. "Makelaar": real estate agent, broker.

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