hat [noun] [de muts, de mutsen]

Inspired by yesterday’s DWOTD we explore more winter garments. Although the dictionary gives the more general translation "hat", in Dutch it typically refers to the kind of hat that you can pull over your ears and is made of wool, or a wool like fabric (like a bobble hat (with or without the bobble), a watch cap, a beanie etc.)

Another common (very informal) meaning of the word "muts" is the femal sexual organ, or it can be used as an informal (and derogatory) way to refer to a woman (like the word "doos").

– "Hé wat een leuke muts! Nieuw?"
("Hey what a nice hat! (Is it) New?")

– "Ik hou niet van wollen mutsen, want die kriebelen zo erg!"
("I do not like woollen hats, because they cause so much itching! Literally: "… they itch so much!")

– "Mijn kapsel is altijd helemaal verpest als ik mijn muts afzet!"
("My hairdo is always completely ruined when I take off my hat!")

– "Wat een ongelofelijke muts zeg!"
(<informal, derogatory:> "My, what an incredibly stupid woman!")

Related words:
– "Baret": beret.
– "Hoed": hat (classic male).
– "Sjaal": scarf.
– "Handschoen": glove.

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