dustbuster [noun] [de <kruimel><dief>, de kruimeldieven]

The word "kruimeldief" literally translates to "crumb thief" or "thief of crumbs". You can use it as a translation for a "petty thief", or – as we do in this DWOTD – as the name of one of those small hand-held battery powered vacuum cleaners.
Although "kruimeldief" is the most common word that is used for such a vacuum cleaner, in shops it will also be called a "kruimelzuiger" ("crumb sucker") or a "handzuiger" ("hand sucker" – whatever that means!).

– "Je kunt een bank het makkelijkste stofzuigen met een kruimeldief."
("Vacuum cleaning a sofa with a dustbuster is the most convenient." Literally: "You can vacuum clean a sofa the easiest…")

– "Als een man met blote borst chips heeft gegeten, is het handig om het borsthaar met een kruimeldief te stofzuigen."
("When a man has eaten crisps/potato chips while being bare chested, it is convenient to vacuum clean the chest hair with a dustbuster." Literally: "… with bare chest…")

Related words:
– "Kruimelen": to crumble.
– "Stofzuiger": vacuum cleaner.