in love, amorous, loving [adjective / adverb]

– "Ik ben stiekum verliefd op mijn overbuurvrouw/man… Tegen niemand zeggen hè?!"
("I am secretly in love with my opposite neighbour… Don’t tell anyone ok?!" In Dutch there is a male and female version of "neighbour", see also DWOTD 9. Buurt.)

– "Mijn vader is na 30 jaar nog altijd erg verliefd op mijn moeder."
("After 30 years, my father is still very much in love with my mother.")

– "Frank is verliefd op zijn auto: een zwarte Porsche 924S."
("Frank is in love with his car: a black Porsche 924S.")

– "De tieners wisselden verliefde blikken uit in het klaslokaal."
("The teen-agers exchanged amorous looks in the classroom.")

– "Romeo keek Julia verliefd aan."
("Romeo gave Juliette a loving look." Literally: "…looked at Juliette amorously.")

Related words:
– "Liefde": love (noun).
– "Vlinders in de buik": butterflies in one’s stomach.

– "Tot over je oren verliefd zijn": to be very much in love. Literally: to be in love till over one’s ears.

In DWOTD 104. Misschien, the Dutch song genre "levenslied" was already mentioned and a famous Dutch singer in that genre: André Hazes. One of his greatest hits is called "Een beetje verliefd" ("A bit in love"). This song is particularly suited for wailing along together in a bar after taking in a significant amount of alcoholic units 😉
Another Dutch classic is the song "Sinds een dag of 2 (32 jaar)" by "Doe Maar", a popular 80s ska band with punk and reggae influences. The guy sings about being 32 years old and in love again. Check out their cool video at youtube. The first line he sings contains the expression "vlinders in mijn hoofd" ("butterflies in my head"), which is weird since usually they are in your stomach! Their music is still often played at Dutch home parties or during popular music club nights.

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