1. flash, dash [noun] [de blits, de blitsen]

According to the dictionary, there is a Dutch noun "blits" which supposedly translates to the English "flash" and the German "Blitz". However, as far as we can tell, we only use this word in the expression below. It is a common expression; try to use it!

– "De blits maken": to be really hip/flashy/cool/groovy/trendy, or ‘to steal the show/make a good show’. Literally: to make the flash.

– "Met die zonnebril maak je echt de blits!"
("With those sunglasses you’re really flashy/cool!")

– "Sinds vorige week maakt Andreas de blits in zijn nieuwe Volkswagenbusje."
  ("Since last week Andreas is stealing the show in his new Volkswagen van." A "bus" is short for "autobus", but when talking about a van, always the word "busje" is used.)

– "Frank maakte helemaal de blits toen hij in zijn nieuwe pak op het werk verscheen."
("Frank completely stole the show when he appeared at work in his new suit.")

2. flashy, hip, cool, groovy [adjective]

We do use "blits" as an adjective however, although mainly used by adults (we guess the word itself is not "blits" enough to be used by teen-agers!).

– "Blits man!"
("<admiring your friend’s new car:> Cool dude! / Brilliant mate!")

– "Wat zie jij er blits uit vandaag!"
("My, you look flashy/hip today!")

– "Dat is een blitse auto, zeker met die rode kleur.
("That is a flashy car, certainly with that red colour.")

– "Isabelle heeft altijd blitse kleren aan."
("Isabelle always wears trendy clothes.")

– "Restaurant ONI is een blitse Japanse tent in Den Haag."
("The ONI restaurant is a hip Japanese joint in The Hague." Lit.: "…a hip Japanese tent…")

Related words:
– "Blitskikker": flashy guy. Lit.: Hip frog 🙂 (Sometime used with a negative connotation).

– "Wie is die blitskikker in die Porsche? Wat een eikel!"
("Who is that flashy guy in the Porsche? What a loser!" An "eikel" literally translates to "acorn", but here "dickhead" is meant.)

– "Hip": hip, flashy.
– "Cool": cool [pronounced as in English].

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  1. This word made my day. I ran into my old dutch teacher and he was wearing aviator glasses. If only I had read this before I saw him! I could have said “Met die zonnebril maak je echt de blits!” That would have slayed him.

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