receipt, ticket (fine), coupon [noun] [de bon, de bonnen] [‘bon‘]

"Bon" is typically used for a receipt in a store, and hopefully it will be the common case for you, as opposed to the "ticket" you might get for a traffic offence. The diminutive "bonnetje" is very common in the meaning of "receipt".

– "Uw aankoop kan alleen geruild worden binnen 8 dagen met bon."
("Your purchase can only be exchanged within 8 days upon presentation of a receipt." Literally: "… with a receipt.")

– "Wilt u de bon / het bonnetje?"
("Do you want the receipt?")

– "Je moet je bonnnetje goed bewaren, voor het geval dat er iets mis is!"
("You have to hold on to your receipt, in case something is wrong!")

– "U krijgt van mij een bon voor te hard rijden!"
(<police officer:>"I’m giving you a ticket for speeding!" Literally: "… for driving too fast!")


– "Het is op de bon": it is rationed. Used for food, but obviously not in practice anymore in the Netherlands.
– "Op de bon gaan": to be fined, to receive a ticket (for some kind of traffic offence).
– "Op de bon slingeren": to give somebody a fine/ticket. Literally: to sling on the ticket.

– "Na het beledigen van de agent, werd de man op de bon geslingerd."
("After having insulted the police officer, the man was fined.")

Related words:
– "Waardebon": voucher.
– "Kassabon": cash register slip.
– "Tegoedbon": credit note.
– "Parkeerbon": parking ticket.
– "Boete": fine, penalty.
– "Bonbon": a chocolate, bonbon (taken from the French but can be pronounced the Dutch way).

The return policy of purchased goods in the Netherlands is completely customer unfriendly. Usually it has to be returned within 8 days. Often, stores don’t offer refunds, but want to give you a credit note so that they keep the money in house. We think you can actually refuse this, but they will give you a hard time. They will also try to send your DVD recorder off for repairs in the case that you just bought it 2 hours ago and it didn’t work. Of course you must not accept this 🙂

In any case: bewaar altijd je bonnetje!

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