to bleat (goats, sheep), to nag [verb] [mekkerde, gemekkerd] [‘me-ku-run’]

The common translation of mekkeren is "to bleat", but usually in the case of lambs or baby goats. For sheep and goats in general, one uses "blaten".

You can use the verb "mekkeren" informally for "zeuren", but usually jokingly.

– "Het lammetje mekkerde onophoudelijk."
("The lamb bleated continuously." Literally: "… non-stoppingly.")

– "Ach wat een lief geitje! Hoor eens hoe het mekkert!"
("Ah, what a sweet little goat! Listen to it bleating!" Mind that "eens" is used here to lessen the command form a bit.)

– "Nou niet zo mekkeren, je hebt gisteren al snoep gehad!"
(<mother to child:> "Stop nagging, you alread got candy yesterday!" Literally: "Now don’t bleat like that,…")

 Related words:
– "Blaten": to bleat, to baa, or to talk nonsense.
– "Zeuren": to nag, complain, whine.
– "Zaniken": less common synonym for "zeuren".