289. Lanterfanten

to lounge (about /  around), to loaf (about /  around), to idle, to do nothing [verb] [lanterfantte, gelanterfant] [‘lan-tur-fan-tun’]

"Lanterfanten" is often used in combination with verbs as "liggen" (lie), "zitten" (sit), "lopen" (walk), which – in Dutch – are typically used to express an ongoing activity.

Another way of expressing an ongoing activity is to use (a conjugation of) the verb "zijn" + "aan het" + infinitive, see the Examples.

– "Frank was gisteren op het werk alleen maar aan het lanterfanten."
("Yesterday, Frank was just loafing about at work".)

– "Zit niet zo te lanterfanten man, ga iets doen met je leven!"
("Don’t just sit and do nothing man, do something with you life!")

– "De jeugd van tegenwoordig loopt alleen maar te lanterfanten."
("These youngsters are just lounging about nowadays." Lit.: "The youth from nowadays…" See also Extra.)

Related words:
– "Lanterfant": loafer.
– "Luieren": to laze.

"De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig" is a Dutch rap formation, known from their number one hit Watskeburt?! in 2005. "Watskeburt" is a transformation of "Wat is (er) gebeurd?", pronounced with an English accent, lit.: "What’s happened?". "Watskeburt" can actually be seen as the Dutch equivalent of "Wazzup?" / "Wassup?"  🙂