ventriloquist [noun] [de buikspreker, de buiksprekers] [‘buik-spree-kur’]

We admit that you will probably not use this word much, but the separate words “buik” and “spreker” are very common. A “spreker” is somebody who speaks, and is derived from the verb “spreken”: to speak, to talk. In general the word “spreker” is used for a lecturer, or an inivited speaker. A “buik” is a “belly” so a “buikspreker” is a “belly talker”, which in a way makes sense 🙂

– “Vroeger had ik maar één droom: buikspreker worden!”
(“I used to have just one dream: to become a ventriloquist!”)

– “Wanneer heb jij voor het laatst een buikspreker zien optreden? Volgens mij zijn ze vrij zeldzaam.”
(“When was the last time you saw a ventriloquist perform? I think they are quite rare.” Literally: “According to me they are quite rare”.)

Related words:
– “Maag”: stomach.
– “Spreken”: to speak, to lecture.

Check out this funny ventriloquist performance: Achmed the dead terrorist. The first few minutes are the best!