to whisper [verb] [fluisterde, gefluisterd] [‘fluis-tu-run’]

Often one can create a noun from the verb by replacing the ending ‘-en’ with ‘-er’, however in this case it doesn’t work 🙂 A “whisperer” is a “fluisteraar”. (Not that you will often use this word…)

– “Het is niet netjes om in gezelschap te fluisteren.”
(“It is not appropriate to whisper while company is present.”)

– “Is fluisteren slecht voor je stembanden?”
(“Is whispering bad for your vocal cords?”)

– “Waarom fluister ik jouw naam nog? … Hoor ik steeds je stem…”
(“Why do I keep whispering your name? … Do I constantly hear your voice…” This is a line taken from the song “Waarom fluister ik je naam nog” by the Dutch singer Benny Neyman. The song was very popular during the 80s.)

Related words:
– “Fluisteraar”: whisperer.

– “Het wordt tijd dat we een paardenfluisteraar inschakelen!”
(“It’s time to bring in a horse whisperer!”)

– “Zacht praten”: to speak quietly / in an undertone.
– “Stilte”: quietness.
– “Stilte!”: quiet!

2 thoughts on “Fluisteren

  1. I’ve just listened to the song by Benny Neyman and the video on youtube is actually taken from the Dutch music tv show called “Op volle toeren” (“At full speed”). This was a very popular show – starting in 1971 – with only Dutch singers performing the cheesy sing-a-long genre. The host is “Chiel Montagne”, who appears at the end of the video. He was infamous for his moustache!

  2. Unfortunately Benny Neyman, who I mentioned in this post, died today of cancer. Most Dutch people know him and therefore this is a headline in most news shows and probably in most news papers tomorrow.

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