353. Aanmelden

to sign up, to register, to apply, to enter / put forward (someone’s name) [verb] [meldde aan, aangemeld] [‘aan-mel-dun’]

Aanmelden_1This word is a special request by one of our readers. Indeed, you will frequently come across the word ‘aanmelden’ if you want to sign up for something, e.g. an event, a sports club, an exam, a course, a dating site, an electronic newsletter or a new email account. Often, the imperative mood of ‘aanmelden’ is used: ‘meld je aan!’.

Please note that the reflexive form of the verb (‘zich aanmelden’) is used when you yourself sign up. If you sign up somebody else, the normal verb is used.

– "Heb je je al aangemeld voor de cursus? Er zijn nog maar een paar plaatsen."
("Have you already signed up for the course? There are only a few places left.")

– "Altijd al noten willen leren lezen? Meld je vandaag nog aan voor muzieklessen."
("Always wanted to be able to read music? Sign up today for music lessons." Note that we say "notes" instead of "music" 🙂 )

– "Zij meldde haar dochtertje aan als nieuw lid bij de zwemclub."
("She put forward/entered her (young/small) daughter for membership of the swimming club.")

Related words:
– "Afmelden": to cancel, to sign out.
– "Zich opgeven": to enrol, to sign up.

– "Ze gaf zich op als vrijwilliger bij Amnesty International."
("She enlisted as a volunteer at Amnesty International.")

– "Aanmelding": the entry, the application, the registration.
– "Lid worden van een vereniging": to become a member of / to join an association/society.
– "Lidmaatschap": membership.

This DWOTD was provided by guest author Laura.

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  1. By the way, ‘aanmelden’ is also used in the context of computers (network, operating system or application). In this context it has the meaning of ‘to log in’. But, you will often hear the ‘Dutchified’ verb ‘inloggen’. The opposite is ‘uitloggen’ or ‘afmelden’.

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