371. Spannend

exciting, thrilling, tense, suspenseful [adjective] [‘span-nunt’] 

"Spannend" is used for things or situations that cause excitement or suspense. Sometimes it used as a synonym for "naughty", see the examples.

– "Voor kinderen is pakjesavond ontzettend spannend!"
("To children pakjesavond is extremely exciting!")

– "Vond je de film ook zo spannend?" – "Nee, ik vond hem saai."
("Did you also think the movie was full of suspense." – "No, I found it boring.")

– "Schat! Dat is een spannende outfit…"
("Honey! That is a naughty outfit…")

– "Dat spant erom / dat zal erom spannen": that is / is going to be a close call.
– "De spanning is te snijden": you can cut the air with a knife.

Related words:
– "Spanning": tension, excitement, suspense.
– "Spannen": to stretch, to strain.