1. soft drink(s) [noun] [de/het fris, <no plural>] [‘fris‘] Iconspeaker_klein

Although "fris" is a noun, it is hardly ever used with its definite article (which – according to the dictionary – can be "de" or "het"). In this context, "fris" is short for "frisdrank", literally: "fresh drink". "Fris" is used for one (glass of) soft drink or soft drinks as a collective term.

– "In Nederlandse supermarkten mag geen sterke drank verkocht worden, alleen bier, wijn en fris."
("In Dutch supermarkets the selling of spirits is prohibited, only beer, wine and soft drinks.")

– "Ik heb nog een enorme kater van het feestje van gisteren, ik drink vanavond alleen maar fris."
("I still have a huge hangover from yesterday’s party, I’ll just stick to soft drinks tonight." Lit.: "I’ll only drink soft drinks tonight.")

– "Doen we nog een afzakkertje?" – "Doe mij maar een frisje."
("Shall we have one for the road?" – "I’ll just have a soft drink." Instead of
"een frisje" you can also say "iets fris".)

– "’ ‘s Avonds een vent, ‘s ochtend een vent!": Lit.: If you’re a man in the evening, you should be a man in the morning, which means something like: don’t go complaining about your hangover if you had a good time last night 🙂

Related words:
– "Kater": hangover.
– "Rietje": straw.
– "Bier": beer.
– "Wijn": wine.
– "Afzakkertje": one for the road, night cap.

2. fresh, refreshing, fit, clean, bright, chilly [adjective] [‘fris‘] Iconspeaker_klein_2

In this context, "fresh" is used to describe the fresh or cool state of a substance, person or object.

– "Frank zag er vanochtend niet erg fris uit."
("Frank didn’t look very fit this morning.")

– "Zo! De keuken ziet er weer fris en schoon uit!"
("There! The kitchen looks bright and clean again!")

– "Vond jij het ook een beetje fris vanochtend?" – "Man! Ik moest het ijs van mijn auto krabben!"
("Did you also think it was a bit chilly this morning?" – "Man! I had to scrape the ice off my car.")

– "April doet wat-ie wil": April is the cruellest month.

Related word:
– "Vers": Fresh.