ice cream, ice lolly, pop sicle [noun] [het ijsje, de ijsjes] [‘ijs-ju’] Iconspeaker_klein

For more info on the vowel "IJ" see "Why the IJ?Raket_ijsje_4

"IJsje" is the diminutive of "ijs", which translates to either "ice" (as in frozen water) or "ice cream" (as in the delicacy). An "IJsje" can be used for a hand held ice cream in a cone (like a vanilla ice cream) or a pop sicle (a frozen lolly of flavored water), which in Dutch is also called a "waterijsje".

– "Mam, mag ik een ijsje?"
("Mom, can I have an ice cream?")

– "Omdat het vandaag zo warm is, trakteert Frank op een ijsje!"
("Because it’s so hot today, Frank is treating us to an ice cream!")

– "Hoeveel bollen neem jij in je hoorntje?" – "Nou, ik heb liever een waterijsje."
("How many scoops will you have in your cone?" – "Well, I’d rather have a pop sicle.")

 Related words:
– "Hoorntje": cone.
– "IJscoman": ice-cream man/vendor.

We’ve already mentioned it in one of our early DWOTDs: Holland’s most popular ice lolly is the "Raket". Apparently, it has been around since 1962! It has (somewhat 🙂 ) the shape of a rocket, and consists of three flavors of water ice, which each have a different color. From top to bottom: red strawberry, orange orange, and yellow pineapple, as you can see in the picture.

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  1. In North America we have a popcicle with a similar shape. The colors are red (cherry) white(lemon) blue(vanilla).

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