panicky play, panic behaviour [noun] [het paniekvoetbal, <no plural>] [‘paa-niek-voet-bal’] PaniekvoetbalIconspeaker_klein

"Paniekvoetbal" consists of "paniek" and "voetbal", which translate to "panic" and "soccer/football" respectively. Its literal translation is panicky (soccer)play, but also the figurative meaning is used a lot: panic behaviour. I would not even be surprised if you saw "paniekvoetbal" being used to described panicky
game play in a field hockey game 🙂

"Paniekvoetbal" is commonly used with the verb "spelen" ("to play").

– "<coach> Jongens, geen paniekvoetbal! Blijven combineren!!"
("<coach> Guys, no panicky play! Keep on making those combinations!!" Lit.: "…Keep on combining!!")

– "Het management speelt weer eens paniekvoetbal…" – "Je moet niet zo mekkeren…"
("The management is displaying panic behaviour again…" – "You shouldn’t be whining like that…")

– "Paniek zaaien": to spread panic.
– "Paniek in de tent": <slightly ironic> panic breaking out. Literally: "Panic in the tent".

Related words:
– "Paniek": panic.
– "Kluts": scrum, chaos.
– "Gekkenhuis!": It’s completely crazy!
– "Voetbal": soccer / (foot)ball.

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