to postpone, to put off, to procrastinate [verb] [stelde uit, uitgesteld] [‘uit-stel-lun’] Iconspeaker_klein

Note that there is no direct translation of "to procrastinate" in 
Dutch. It will be either clear from context
that you are (once again
🙂 ) procrastinating, or if you want to be clear you can use
"voortdurend uitstellen" (to keep putting off).

– "Heb je ook gemerkt dat Frank zijn werk uitstelt?"
("Have you also noticed that Frank puts off his work?")

– "Ik heb de neiging om lastige telefoontjes uit te stellen, jij ook?"
("I tend to put off tricky phone calls, you too?" Lit. "I have the
tendency to…" Note that a "telefoontje" is literally a small
telephone, but most common a popular word for a phone call.)

– "De wedstrijd tussen Ajax en Feyenoord is uitgesteld wegens slecht weer."
("Due to bad weather the match between Ajax and Feyenoord has been postponed.")

– "David is echt lui, hij stelt altijd alles continu uit!"
("David is really lazy, he is always procrastinating!" The word "continu" is a synonym for "voortdurend".)

– "Stel niet uit tot morgen wat je vandaag kan doen": never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

"Van uitstel komt afstel": this expression is used as a warning; if you
keep putting something off, it will not happen anymore ("afstel").

Related words:
– Uitstel: postponement [noun] [het uitstel, no plural].
– Lui: lazy [adjective].