nonsense [noun] [de onzin, no plural] Iconspeaker_3

"Onzin" means "nonsense". A synonym very much related to the English translation is "nonsens". The composition of "on-zin" is similar to the English "non-sense". "On" preceding a word usually reverses the meaning of that word. "Zin" can be translated as "sense" but can also be used in many different meanings, such as "phrase", "mood", "mind" or "liking". The adjective/adverb that is related to "onzin" is "onzinnig", which can be translated as "senseless, inept".

– "Je praat onzin, houd alsjeblieft je mond." 
("You’re talking nonsense, please shut up!")

– "Wat een onzin dat je dat examen niet zou kunnen halen! Natuurlijk kun je het!" 
("What a nonsense that you wouldn’t be able to pass that exam! Of course you can do it!")

– "Het is nonsens dat Nederland niets van de kredietcrisis merkt." 
("It is nonsense that the Netherlands isn’t affected by the credit crisis." Lit.: "It is nonsense that the Netherlands notices nothing of the credit crisis.")

– "Wat een onzinnig gesprek, dit is zonde van de tijd."  Zin_3
("What a senseless conversation, this is a waste of a time.")

– "<Plaatje:> In de herfst komen ze binnen; Zin en onzin over spinnen."  ("<Picture:> They enter [your house] in the autumn; Sense and nonsense about spiders.")

– "Ik heb zin om het weekend lekker lang uit te slapen." 
("I feel like sleeping long this weekend.")

– "Sorry, ik heb echt geen zin om uit te gaan." 
("Sorry, I really don’t feel like going out.")

– "Heb je slechte zin? " 
("Are you in a bad mood?" Lit.: "Do you have a bad mood?")

– "Klinkklare onzin": outright nonsense.

– "<Krantenkop:>Transfergeruchten Boulahrouz klinkklare onzin."
("<Newspaper headline:> Transferrumours Boulahrouz blatant nonsense.")

Related words:
– Zin: phrase [noun] [de zin, de zinnen].
– Zin: mood, liking [noun] [de zin, no plural].
– Zin: sense [noun] [de zin, de zinnen].
– Zinnig: sensible [adjective/adverb].
– Onzinnig: senseless, absurd [adjective/adverb].
– Nonsens: nonsense [noun] [de nonsens, no plural].

4 thoughts on “Onzin

  1. “Klinkkare onzin”: outright nonsense.
    Ben je zeker ? In het belge is het Klinkklare Onzin!!!

  2. “Het is nonsens dat Nederland niets van de kredietcrisis merkt.”
    I think you ment
    “Het is onzin dat Nederland niets van de kredietcrisis merkt.” 🙂
    een kleine foutje…

  3. @ anonymous
    Well, in this case the Dutch “nonsens” can also be used, which is translated with the English “nonsense” (with an extra “e”), Of course, “onzin” is correct too.
    Regards, Marc

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