Ho eens even!

Not so fast! / Now just a minute! / Hold it right there! [Dutch phrase of the week] Iconspeaker_3

The word "ho" is an interjection. You can use it when you want to say "stop!". It is the typical thing to say to a horse if you want it to stop, but if you don’t ride a horse, you can use it when somebody is pouring you wine and you have had enough. Not that I ever do so 😉

"Ho eens even" is typically used when somebody is going to fast, literally or figuratively, or when you want somebody to realize that this is not how things are done.

– "Ho eens even meneer, u hebt nog niet betaald!" 
("Hold it right there sir, you haven’t paid yet!")

 – "Ho eens even, nu draaf je door; de kredietcrisis heeft hier niets mee te maken!" 
("Now just a minute, you are rattling on. The financial crisis has nothing to do with this!")

– "Mevrouw, ho eens even! Ik sta al veel langer in de rij te wachten dan u!" 
("Not so fast madam! I have been waiting in line / queueing a lot longer than you (have)!")

Related words:
– Ho!: stop! [interjection].
– Stoppen: to stop [verb] [stopte, gestopt].
– Doorgaan: to continue [verb] [ging door, doorgegaan].