The verb "herinneren" can be used as a transitive (1) or reflexive (2) verb.

1. to remind [verb] [her-in-ner-de, her-in-nerd] Iconspeaker_3

Here you use "herinneren" when something/body reminds you of something/body or when reminding somebody something (or something! 😉 )

– "Zij herinnert mij aan mijn oma." 
("She reminds me of my grandmother.")

– "Herinner me eraan dat ik de deur op slot doe." 
("Remind me to lock the door.")

2. to remember, to recall [verb, reflexive] [her-in-ner-de, her-in-nerd] Iconspeaker_3

Here the verb is used in the meaning of still knowing something or recalling something (as opposed to actively not forgetting something, see DWOTD Onthouden). Don’t forget to use the reflexive pronoun!

– "Ik herinner me er niks van!" 
("I don’t remember anything (of what happened)!")

– "Als ik het me goed herinner is het hier om de hoek." 
("If I remember correctly, it’s right here around the corner.")

– "Ik herinner me opeens dat ik de deur nog op slot moet doen." 
("I suddenly remember that I still have to lock the door.")

– "Herinner je je je oma nog?" 
("Do you still remember your grandmother?" The three "je’s" are deliberate: the first is the subject, the second the reflexive pronoun, and the third the possessive pronoun.)

Related words:
– Herinnering: recollection, memory [noun] [de herinnering, de herinneringen].
– Geheugen: memory [noun] [het geheugen, <no plural>].