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“Even” is used very regularly in Dutch in the meaning “just for a moment” or “just for a little while”. Even_3 When writing emails or texts on a cellphone, it’s often abbreviated to “effe” or “ff”. (The sign in the picture says: “ff pauze”, meaning: “[take a] little break”).

– “Het is veel te lekker weer vandaag om binnen achter een scherm te zitten; ik ga even naar buiten.” 
(“The weather is far too good today to sit inside behind a screen; I’m just going outside (for a moment).”)

– “Waar is Linda?” – “Ze is even boodschappen doen”.
(“Where is Linda?” -“She just went out to do shopping.”)

– “Heb je even een kwartiertje voor me?” -“Liever later, ik ben net met iets bezig en dat gaat nog wel even duren.”
(“Can you spare me 15 minutes?” – “I prefer later, I’m just working on something that is going to take a little while”.)

– “Even geduld a.u.b., u wordt zo spoedig mogelijk geholpen.”
(“Please be patient, we will assist you as soon as possible”. Lit.: “[…] you will be helped as soon as possible.”)

– “Ho eens even”: wait a minute.

– “Ho eens even, als je mijn fiets wilt lenen moet je dat wel even vragen.”
(“Wait a minute, if you want to borrow my bike, you should ask.”)

Dutch singer Gordon (who went to last year’s Eurovision Songfestival as one of the Toppers) had his biggest hit with “Kon ik maar even bij je zijn” (“If only I could be with you for just a while”).

2. even

The second meaning of “even” is “even” (not odd).

– “Wat is je geluksgetal? Een even of een oneven getal?” 
(“What’s your lucky number? An even or uneven number?”)

– “Het is mij om het even”: It’s all the same to me, I don’t prefer one option over the other.

Related words:
– Oneven: odd, uneven [adjective/adverb].

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