Te gek om los te lopen

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Because it’s the DWOTD Summer Schedule, here’s a Dutch Phrase of the Week on Friday 🙂

"Te gek om los te lopen" literally translates to "too crazy to walk loose". You may also see the more literal equivalent "te gek voor woorden" or "te zot voor woorden".

– "Gisteren is een vrouw op klaarlichte dag neergestoken. Dat is toch te gek om los te lopen??" 
("Yesterday, a woman was stabbed in broad daylight. That’s too absurd for words, isn’t it??" Note that "toch" is translated with "…, isn’t it??")

– "Frank heeft afgelopen maand met vier vrouwen tegelijkertijd gedate."  – "Dat is te gek om los te lopen!"
("Frank has dated four women at the same time last month." – "That’s too ridiculous for words!")

– "Te gek/zot voor woorden": too absurd for words.

Related words:
Gek/Zot: crazy [adjective].
– Lopen: to walk [verb] [liep, gelopen].
– Los: loose [adjective].
– Ontoerekeningsvatbaarheid: insanity defence [noun] [de ontoerekeningsvatbaarheid, <no plural>]. See Extra

"Ontoerekeningsvatbaarheid" (tongue breaker alert 🙂 ) is a Dutch juridical term, which more or less translates to "insanity defence" in English. It means that when a person commits a crime which can be related to a mental disorder or illness, this person receives a declaration of insanity, which may lead to a less severe sentence, or no sentence at all. A person is then "ter beschikking gesteld aan de regering" (lit.: placed at the disposal of the government). This procedure is called "T.B.S." Someone who is subjected to T.B.S. is called a "T.B.S.-er". T.B.S.-ers are treated under coercion in a "T.B.S. kliniek" (a penitentiary clinic).

In 2008, the Dutch movie "TBS" was released, in which a T.B.S.-er, convicted for killing his own father and sister, escapes from a T.B.S. clinic and tracks down his mother in order to prove his innocence.

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  1. Interesting about the TBS. It reminds me of our “5150”, which is an involuntary psychiatric hold. Not the same, but sort of. I love DWOTD for info like this, as well as the great words and phrases. Dank U duizend maal!

  2. I have to say that the pic u have selected is quite sexy… 🙂
    Groetjes uit Griekenland en bedankt for jullie geweldig site

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