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[het schor-rie-mor-rie, <no plural>]

"Schorriemorrie" is somewhat synonymous to "tuig": people of low social status, scum or trash. It’s somewhat posh/polite though. It’s typically used by nervous, rich upper class people who are afraid that the neighbourhood goes to pieces due to the arrival of "schorriemorrie". This was the basis of the successful Dutch Flodder movies and series, see also Extra.

– "Wie zijn die nieuwe mensen?" – "Ik weet het niet, maar het is schorriemorrie!" 
("Who are those new people?" – "I don’t know, but it’s scum!")

– "De nieuwe buren gooien al hun troep in de tuin, het is schorriemorrie!" 
("The new neighbours throw all their junk in the garden, it’s scum!")

– "De buurt gaat naar de haaien, zoveel schorriemorrie!" 
("The neighbourhood goes to pieces, so many trash!" Lit.: "…goes to the sharks…")

– "Frank lijkt een rijke kakker, maar hij is gewoon schorriemorrie…" 
("Frank looks like a rich stuck-up, be he’s just trash…")


"Tuig van de richel": scum of the earth.

– "Hooligans zijn echt tuig van de richel".

("Hooligans are really the scum of the earth".)

Related words:
Tuig: scum, trash [noun] [het tuig, <no plural>].
– Asociaal: anti-social, rude [adjective].

– "Er zijn zo veel asociale mensen in de wereld…" – "Stel je niet aan, jij watje."
("There are so many rude people in the world…" – "Get over it, you wimp.")

<From Wikipedia> Flodder is a 1986 Dutch comedy film and the first film in the Flodder franchise and is
followed by two more films and a spin-off series. The film follows an
anti-social, dysfunctional family who move to an affluent, upper class
neighbourhood as part of a social experiment which results in mayhem as
the Flodder family refuses to adapt. Click here for an impression. Mark that the first line is "Het is schorriemorrie!" 🙂 Second line goes: "Ik wil niets met dat tuig te maken hebben!": I don’t want to have anything to do with that scum!"

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  1. If you say “Wie zijn die nieuwe mensen? Het is schorriemorrie”, in English you must say “They’re trash” or “They’re scum” not “It is trash” or “it is scum”. In other words, “het is” would be “they are”. This is a very confusing point for English-speaking learners of Dutch, because we would tend to say “Zij zijn schorriemorrie.” It is hard to learn to say “het is” since we don’t way “it is” in this context. “It is” would only refer to things, not to people, e.g., that paper over there: it is trash/scum, but those people over there: they are trash/scum.

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