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[adjective/adverb]  Averechts

"Averechts" is a bit of an old-fashioned word, however you will still encounter it in the expression "dat werkt averechts" or when something has an "averechts effect". The sentences below illustrate the use of "averechts".

If for some reason you like to knit, and you like to knit in Dutch [ 😉 ] you may come across the term "averecht(s) breien" (to purl, as in 'knit one, purl one'). If not, ask your Dutch (great-)grandmother.

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– "Nu ga ik je leren hoe je averecht(s) moet breien!" – "Nee oma, ik ben pas net begonnen en te veel informatie werkt alleen maar averechts!" 
("Now I will teach you how to purl!" – "No grandma, I've just started and too much information will only be counterproductive!" My grandmother actually taught me how to purl. My grandfather thought that was "wrong" (the whole knitting thing) so she stopped 🙂 .)

– "Je moet Sander gewoon eens vertellen wat hij moet doen!" – "Nee joh, dat heeft op hem alleen maar een averechts effect!" 
("You just have to tell Sander what he has to do!" – "No not at all, that will only have the wrong effect on him!")

– "Mijn dochter is gaan roken, moet ik het haar verbieden?" – "Ik zou met haar het gesprek aangaan, zomaar iets verbieden werkt averechts bij pubers!" 
("My daughter started smoking, should I forbid her to?" – "I would talk to her about it, simply forbidding something will only be counterproductive when it regards teen-agers!" Note that 'pubers' emphasizes being adolescent more than just a teen-ager ('tiener' in Dutch). "Het gesprek aangaan" literally translates as "starting the conversation with somebody".)

– "Zie je die fiets? Het lichtje brandt nog, wacht ik doe het even uit." – "Niet doen! Dat werkt averechts, want zo leert die persoon het nooit!" 
("Do you see that bicycle? Its light is still on, wait, I'll turn it off." – "Don't do that! That will only be counterproductive, that way the owner will never learn!" Note that 'persoon' translates as 'person', the ownership of the bicycle is implied. Dutch bicycles typically come with battery powered lights these days, or you will see people using 'click-on' lights. This seems much more resilient against the hardships of use in Dutch cities. Note that one is allowed to attach lights to the body instead of the bicycle (it used to be forbidden but Dutch police now figure that 'a light' is better than 'no light'. Although one light instead of two does not reduce the fine [as I found out myself 🙂 ] ) ).

Related words:
– Contraproductief: counterproductive [adjective/adverb].
– Verkeerd: wrong [adjective/adverb].
Fout: wrong, incorrect [adjective/adverb].
– Onjuist: incorrect [adjective/adverb].

– "De verdachte heeft onjuist gehandeld, maar geen misdrijf gepleegd."
("The suspect has done wrong, but did not commit a crime.")