Zo lust ik er nog wel eentje!

yeah right, tell me another one 
[Dutch phrase of the week]
[zo lust ik er nog wel een-tje]

ZoLustIkErNogWelEentje The verb "lusten" translates as "to have a taste for, to like/enjoy/be fond of (food/drinks)", e.g. "Ik lust geen bier" or "Lust jij witlof? Ik vind het vies!" When somebody offers you a drink (or a food item), you can answer with "Ja, ik lust er wel eentje", which says something along the lines of "I won't say no to that" or a playful "Yes, as a matter of fact I'd like to have one."

The phrase "Zo lust ik er nog wel eentje!" is used to indicate that you find something hard to belief, or it is an ironic "Yeah right" (because it's clearly not true).

– "Dutch Word of the Day? Zo lust ik er nog wel eentje, die gast heeft al meer dan een week niets gepubliceerd!" 
("Dutch Word of the Day? Yeah right, the guy hasn't published anything in over a week!")

– "Je wilt een cursus project management? Zo lust ik er nog wel eentje Frank, begin eerst maar eens met netjes je uren bij te houden!" 
("You request a course in project management? Tell me another one Frank, why don't you first start with properly keeping account of your hours!")

– "Heb je gehoord dat de gemeente Den Haag het parkeerprobleem gaat oplossen? Zo lust ik er nog wel eentje, wat gaan ze doen dan, huizen slopen?"
("Have you heard that the city of The Hague is going to solve the parking problem? Yeah right, what are they going to do, demolish houses?" Note that 'gemeente' can translate as 'city, town, borough', but also as 'city council' and 'municipality'.)

– "Maak dat de kat wijs": I don't believe a thing of it!
– "Dat geloof je toch niet!": who believes that?! / yeah right! (when talking about something).
– "Ja hoor!": yeah right! (Pronounce with slightly prolonged 'ja')

Related words:
Lusten: to have a taste for, to like/enjoy/be fond of (food/drinks) [verb] [lustte, gelust].
– Ongeloofwaardig: incredible, implausible, unlikely [adjective].

– "Ik weet niet wat jij ervan vindt, maar ik vind dit totaal ongeloofwaardig!"
("I don't know about you / I don't know what you think (of this), but I think it's completely implausible!")

5 thoughts on “Zo lust ik er nog wel eentje!

  1. I’m actually afraid to ask, but what on earth is that in the picture?
    To me it looks like some really high magnification of a bacterium, or something like that. A dead snake having eaten a large rat perhaps?
    And, what does it have to do with “zo lust ik er nog wel eentje”?

  2. Hi Chris,
    It seems you have answered your own question 🙂
    Literally, “zo lust ik er nog wel eentje” translates as “I would like to have (eat/drink) one again just like that”, which may or not be applicable to the snake in question, but it definitely looks ‘ongeloofwaardig’!

  3. Ooooooooooooooooooooh, thanks! 🙂
    (I think I was being a bit “stom” there, sorry)

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