view, panorama, outlook
[het uit-zicht, de uit-zich-ten] 

new-zealand-679068_640‘Uitzicht’ typically implies a decent and unobstructed view, often panoramic. The noun ‘zicht’ can be used in the same way, however it is more often used for ‘view’ or ‘sight’ in general (like ‘visibility’), and does not by definition imply the view is unobstructed (something to keep in mind when choosing a hotel 😉 ).

“Te huur: appartement met uitzicht op zee.” 
(“For rent: apartment with a view of the sea.”)

“In Panorama Mesdag in Den Haag heb je een beter uitzicht dan in het echte Scheveningen! ” 
(“The view offered by Panorama Mesdag in the Hague is better than Scheveningen itself!” Lit. ‘…one has a better view than in the real Scheveningen’.)

“Na het teleurstellende optreden van het Nederlands elftal tegen Denemarken is er nog geen uitzicht op een plaats in de kwartfinale.” 
(“After the disappointing performance by the Dutch national football team against Denmark there is no prospect of a place in the quarter finals yet.”)

“Sanders nieuwe appartement heeft twee erkers van waaruit er een prachtig uitzicht is op zowel statige panden als de gracht. Er is alleen nog geen uitzicht op het einde van de verbouwing!” 
(“Sander’s new apartment has two bay windows from which there is a beautiful view of both grand houses and a canal. The end of the renovation however is not yet in sight!” I guess ‘grachten’ are so common that we almost always use the definite article 🙂 )

Related words:
– Zien: to see [verb] [zag, gezien].
– Kijken: to look, to view [verb] [keek, gekeken].

– “Kijk daar in de verte, een leeuw!” – “Waar? Ik zie hem niet!”
(“Look, there in the far distance, a lion!” – “Where? I don’t see it!”)

– Uitkijken: to watch/look out [verb] [keek uit, uitgekeken].
– Uitkijken/uitzien op: to look out on, to overlook [verb] [keek/zag uit, uitgekeken/uitgezien].
– Uitzien naar: to look forward to [verb] [zag uit, uitgezien].
– Vooruitkijken: to look ahead [verb] [keek vooruit, vooruitgekeken].

2 thoughts on “Uitzicht

  1. I’ve been to that panorama. My wife also told me a story about the pronunciation of Scheveningen, and how they used it to find Germans hiding amongst citizens during WWII. If they couldn’t pronounce it, they were likely German. Trust me, I learned how to pronounce it well.

    • Hello William, Panorama Mesdag is one of my favourite destinations in The Hague; I like to just walk in, stay 10 minutes and leave again 🙂
      It is a common story about the pronunciation of Scheveningen, but I’m not whether it’s really true or not…

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