1. <morgen> [noun] [de morgen, de morgens].
2. <morgen> [adverb].

Translates to:
Ad 1. "morning", the period from the start of the day till noon.
Ad 2. "tomorrow".

1. "Frank is altijd nors in de morgen."
("Franks is always grumpy in the morning.")

2. "Morgen zal alles anders zijn."
("Tomorrow, everything will be different.")

3. "Ik zie je morgen!"
("I’ll see you tomorrow!")

4. "Tot morgen!"
("See you tomorrow!", literally: "Till tomorrow!")

Related Words:
1. "Vanmorgen" or "vanochtend": this morning.

"Vanmorgen stond er in totaal 565 kilometer file."
("This morning, traffic jams were 565 kilometer in total.")

2. "Overmorgen": the day after tomorrow.

3. "Ochtend": morning, dawn.

4. " ‘s Morgens " or " ‘s ochtends ": in the morning (from the historic second possessive case (genetive) "des morgens" or "des ochtends").

"Frank is ‘s ochtends nooit op z’n best."
(Frank is never at his best in the morning.")

5. "Morgenstond": the early morning (hours), dawn.

"De morgenstond heeft goud in de mond":
"The early bird catches the worms", literally: dawn has gold in its mouth.

6. "Ochtendhumeur": bad morning mood.