Grammar: <stoel> [noun] [de stoel, de stoelen].

Translates to: chair, seat.

1. "Schommelstoel": rocking chair.

2. "Vliegtuigstoel": airplane seat.

3. "Stoelendans": musical chairs (literally "chairs dance").
"Stoelendans is een populair spelletje op kinderfeestjes."
("At children’s parties, musical chairs is a popular game.")

4. "Is deze stoel bezet/vrij?"
("Is this seat/chair taken/free?" In Dutch it is more common to ask if the chair is "vrij".)

5. <encouraging someone to join you at the table:> "Pak een stoel!"
("Pull up a chair!")

"Iets niet onder stoelen of banken steken."
("To make no attempt to hide how you feel/ To state clearly how you feel about something." Literally: "To not stick something under chairs or sofas.")

Example: "Wederom steekt Frank het niet onder stoelen of banken."
("Once again Frank makes no attempt to hide how he feels about it.")

See also "DWOTD (25): Bank".

Note: the English word "stool" translates to "kruk" in Dutch. A "bar stool" is a "barkruk".
The Dutch word "stoel" and the English word "stool" are almost identical in pronunciation and apparantly have a mutual root.