Prettig weekend!

One of the readers of the DWOTD asked us the following:

Which version is correct: “Prettig weekend!” or “Prettige weekend!”

One says “prettig weekend” because it’s derived from “Ik wens je een prettig weekend” (“I wish you a nice weekend”).
See Declining adjectives for more information.

Another valid question would be:

Why do we use the English word “weekend” instead of the Dutch “weekeinde”?

Although the use of English words in the Dutch language is quite common, the frequent use of “weekend” has led this word to become an official part of the Dutch language.
The Dutch equivalent “weekeinde” is used in more formal communications, although the use of “weekend” in such communications would not be incorrect.

6 thoughts on “Prettig weekend!

  1. Dank U wel! I am Canadian of Dutch parents and can understand, read and speak Dutch very well but have trouble with the more modern language as my Dutch is the ’50s and ’60s vintage. This is just what I’ve been needing!

  2. The first explanation was wrong. Is is prettig weekend, because it is ‘het’ weekend. This is a neutral noun. ‘De’ vakantie (holiday)is not neutral en therefore it is ‘prettige’ vakantie and not prettig vakantie.

  3. Hi Elly – thanks for your comment. What I meant to emphasize was that the implied article in “prettig weekend!” (when wishing somebody a nice weekend) is “een”. And hence, indeed, because it is “het weekend”, “prettig” does not get an -e at the end.

  4. hellow,
    i’m a dutch girl and i’m 12 years old, so i know how to speak dutch.
    You say “prettig weekeind” and “PrettigE vankantie”
    I dont know why the “prettige vakantie” an “e” gets, but this is how we do.

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