(rough) draft [noun] [het klad, de kladden]

Although "klad" has a plural form, this is never used. "Klad" is often used in conjunction with other nouns, see ‘Examples’ and ‘Related words’.

1. "De schilder maakte eerst een tekening in klad voordat hij het penseel ter hand nam."
("The painter first made a drawing in (rough) draft, before taking up the pensil/ (paint) brush.")

2. "De kladversie van deze presentatie moet nog aangepast worden voordat ik hem in het management team presenteer."
("The draft version of this presentation has to be adjusted before I present it in the management team.")

Related words:
1. "Kladderen": to smudge.
2. "Kladblaadje" or "kladpapiertje": a piece of scrap paper.

"De klad komt erin": things are slowing down / getting worse.
(Literally: "The rough draft gets in it).

2 thoughts on “Klad

  1. One of the Dutch readers of the DWOTD remarked that the plural “kladden” is in fact used, however in a different meaning.
    There is an expression in Dutch that reads “Iemand bij zijn kladden grijpen” and translates to something like “Get someone by the short hairs”. However, “kladden” in this expression is an undetermined body part. Nobody knows which. An equivalent to “kladden” in this expression is the word “lurven”.
    In the 80s a famous Dutch children’s tv show called the “De grote meneer Kaktus show” (the big mister Cactus show) always started with a song that encouraged the children to, amongst other things, show their “lurven” and “kladden” which of course they couldn’t.
    Check out some pictures of the show (“Meneer Kaktus” is the one in the pyjamas):

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