*** Dutch general elections ***

Grammar: <peiling> [noun] [de peiling, de peilingen].

Translates to: poll, sounding, bearing.

“Peiling” is often used in the meaning of a “poll” (where people are asked for their opinion), the full word being “opiniepeiling” where “opinie” translates to “opinion”.

1. “Volgens de laatste peilingen wordt het een nek-aan-nekrace tussen links en rechts.”
(“According to the latest polls, it’s going to be a neck-and-neck race between the left-wing and right-wing.”)

2. “Frank vindt peilingen voor de verkiezingen erg onbetrouwbaar, omdat verschillende peilingen verschillende resultaten laten zien.”
(“Frank finds election polls to be quite unreliable, because different polls show different results.”)

Related Words:
1. “Peilen”: to probe, to determine.
2. “Stemmen”: to vote (literally: to voice).
3. “Kiezen”: to choose.
4. “Zwevende kiezer”: floating voter (literally: floating chooser).