1. to be fed up (with), be sick (and tired / to death) (of), to be heavily disappointed [verb] [baalde, gebaald; 'baa-lun']

In this context, "balen" is often used in conjuction with the preposition "van".

– "Dat is balen!"
("That's tough luck!")

– "Frank baalt al heel lang van zijn werk."
("Frank has been fed up with his job for a really long time.")

Related expression:
– "Balen als een stekker": to be really fed up with something / to be really disappointed / to be really pissed off. (Literally: "…like a plug.")

– "Marc baalde als een stekker omdat de file 16 kilometer lang was."
("Marc was really pissed off because the traffic jam was 16 kilometers long.")

2. bags, sacks, bales [noun] [plural of "baal"]

– "In juli liggen er altijd veel hooibalen in het veld."
("In July, there are always a lot of hay bags laying in the (country) field.")

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  1. “Balen is often used in conjunction with the preposition ‘with'”… shouldn’t it be “with the preposition ‘van'”?

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