311. Zo kan-ie wel weer

That’s enough now [Dutch Phrase Of The Week]

"Zo kan-ie wel weer" is used if one wants to make a stop to what’s been/being said or done by someone else. The phrase is used direcly towards that other person, and its use is mostly informal. The phrase is sometimes followed by "met" to link to the subject that should be made a stop to, commonly translated with "of", see the first example.

– "Zo kan-ie wel weer met die vieze praat van je!"
("That’s enough of that dirty talk of yours now!")

– "Zo kan-ie wel weer, jonge dame! Je hebt genoeg limonade gehad."
("That’s enough of that lemonade, young lady! You’ve had plenty." Lit.: "That’s enough, young lady! You’ve had enough lemonade.")

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