Mij best

Fine with me [Dutch phrase of the week] Iconspeaker_klein

This phrase is used to say that you have no problems with something, almost as if you don’t care. Its use is informal.Mij_best

Sometimes you will see/hear the even shorter "Best.": Fine.

Also check out "Het moet maar", which is used when you actually do have problems with something, but agree unwillingly nevertheless.

– "Marc, schrijf jij vandaag een DWOTD?" – "Mij best."
("Marc, will you write a DWOTD today?" – "Fine with me.")

– "Doen we nog een afzakkertje?" – "Best."
("Shall we have one for the road?" – "Fine.")

– "Zullen we aanstaande vrijdag afspreken?" – "Mij best."
("Shall we meet next Friday?" – "Fine with me.")

– "Geen probleem": no problem.
– "Het moet maar": oh well allright, I guess it just has to be done.

Related words:
– "Onverschillig": Indifferent.
– "Okee": okay.

One thought on “Mij best

  1. Anyone who has Dutch-speaking children (I do) knows another very different meaning of ‘mij best’. Spoken with a sullen expression it means anything but ‘fine with me’. In fact, it means ‘I don’t like it one bit, but nobody cares what I think and you’re going to do it anyway, so go ahead.’

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