Lekker puh!

Serves you right! [Dutch phrase of the week] Iconspeaker_3

It’s good to know what "lekker puh" means, but mind that it is used mostly by children. It is often accompanied by making a face and sticking the tongue out. The expression is used teasingly, after outsmarting somebody, to rub something in, when you think somebody got what he/she deserved etc. The translation of "serves you right" doesn’t cover it completely, but hopefully you get the gist. Also see some related Expressions.

– "Ik ga morgen naar de Efteling en jij niet, lekker puh!" 
("I’m going to the Efteling tomorrow and you are not, ha ha ha!!" The "Efteling" is a popular (fairy tale) fun park.)

– "Ik heb van mamma het laatste snoepje gekregen… Lekker puh!" 
("Mom gave me the last piece of candy… Serves you right!")

– "Jij lachte mij gisteren uit maar nu heb je zelf een puistje, lekker puh!" 
("You laughed at me yesterday, but now you have a pimple yourself, serves you right!")

– "Lekker voor je!": a bit like "lekker puh", but more a cynical "good for you!".
– "(Het is) je verdiende loon!": this is what you deserve! Lit. "it is your deserved wage".

4 thoughts on “Lekker puh!

  1. I think the nearest English equivalent (when said by a child) would be “Na na na na na!” delivered in a sort of sing-song intonation.
    Van Dale gives “hard cheese” and “yah boo sucks to you”, which would only be applicable in certain situations.

  2. We would have said “so there!” in California, (San Francisco). It probably varies from region to region. Possibly a quick “nya nya”. VD often uses British phrases. If someone tried either one of those when I was a kid, I think we all would have started laughing.

  3. I think in the UK we would more likely say “gutted!” or even “so ner!” I would, just like Rebekah, laugh at the options Van Dale gives! Good work on this site guys, I’m learning so much, and even my Dutchie friends are asking me where I’m getting all these cool phrases from 🙂

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