to remember [verb] [ont-hield, ont-hou-den] Iconspeaker_3

The verb "onthouden" has multiple meanings, but in this DWOTD we focus on the translation of "to remember", as in "to not forget" (for your information, the other translations are "to abstain (from)" or "to withhold"). A common alternative to the verb "onthouden" is the construction "niet vergeten" ("to ‘not’ forget").

– "Onthou(d) dat ik altijd van je zal houden, wat er ook gebeurt!" 
("Remember that I will always love you, whatever happens!" Note that you can use both "onthou" and "onthoud" as the imperative form in this case.)

– "Het lukt me niet om namen te onthouden, echt erg!" 
("I am unable to remember names / I am bad at names, really awful!")

– "Echt waar? Dat zal ik onthouden!" 
("(Is it) really (true)? I will remember that!")

– "Ik heb een geheugen als een vergiet, ik kan echt niets onthouden!" 
("I have a really bad memory, I am unable to remember anything!" Lit.: "I have a memory like a colander, I can really remember nothing!")

Related words:
– Vergeten: to forget [verb] [vergat, vergeten].
– Zich herinneren: to remember (something in the past) [verb (reflexive)] [herinnerde, herinnerd].

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