1. proud Iconspeaker_3 Trots

"Trots" can be both adjective and noun (see 2.), respectively translated with "proud" and "pride".

"To be proud of" is translated with "trots zijn op".

– "Wij zijn trots dat Nederland de finale heeft gehaald. Helemaal toppie!" 
("We're proud of Holland making it to the final. Absolutely fantastic!")

– "Ik ben er trots op dat ik tegen alle verwachtingen in zo ver gekomen ben." 
("I'm proud of getting this far, against all odds.")

– "De ouders zijn ontzettend trots op hun zoon." 
("The parents are really proud of their son.")

– "Trots als een pauw": .as proud as a peacock, very proud.

Related words:
– Zich schamen (voor): to be ashamed (of) [verb] [zich schamen, schaamde zich, h. zich geschaamd].

– "Als ik Frank was zou ik me diep schamen…hij is dit jaar al drie keer vreemdgegaan…"
("If I were Frank, I would be deeply ashamed (of myself), he's cheated (on his wife/girlfriend) three times this year already.")

– Verwaand: presumptuous, cocky [adjective].
– Arrogant: arrogant [adjective].Nederlandse vlag

2. pride Iconspeaker_3
[de trots, <no plural>]

As a noun, "trots" translates to "pride". The Dutch really don't take that much pride in their country ("doe maar gewoon, dan doe je gek genoeg"…), except when it comes down to soccer…Hup Holland hup!! 🙂

– "Eindelijk vrij, ze namen je leven, je trots konden ze niet nemen…In naam van de liefde!" 
("Free at last, they took your life, they could not take your pride…In the name of love!")

– "Sta op! En vul je hart met trots!" 
("Stand up! And fill your heart with pride!")

– "Ik hou van mijn kinderen, ze zijn mijn grote trots." 
("I love my children, they are my pride and joy." Lit.: "…they are my great pride.")

2 thoughts on “Trots

  1. Although you say the Dutch really don’t take that much pride in their country, I see a great passion about the country in those blogs, and it is great! Hup Holland!

  2. This is something holland needed for a long time!! being proud of our country again.
    Let all the people think spain was GREAT ye right, if they where great it would have bin 3-0. abit better yes, smarter ‘falls’ on there part is something i hope Oranje will never copy!! Dont forget a tiny country as holland achieving this is something to respect! respect respect respect holland!!

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