Grammar: <boffen> [verb] [bofte, h. geboft].

Translates to: to be fortunate, to be lucky.

The verb "boffen" is a perfectly normal Dutch verb and you should know it, however it is somewhat informal and is often used when talking to children.

1. "Zo, jij boft maar!"
(<to a small child:> "Well, you are really lucky!", for example when after a birthday party there is also a visit to the zoo 🙂 )

2. "Jullie hebben niet geboft met het weer!"
("You have not been lucky with the weather!")

3. "Zij boffen met het uitzicht vanuit hun hotelkamer."
("They are lucky with the view from their hotel room.")

Related words:
1. "Bofkont": one who is lucky/fortunate, mostly used for children. Literally: "Lucky bottom"
2. "Boffer" or "Bofferd": like "bofkont".
3. "De bof": the totally unrelated childhood disease "Mumps", see .
4. "Mazzelen": [verb] very informal equivalent of "boffen", derived from Yiddish "mazzeltov" (source Wikipedia).