candy, sweets [noun] [het snoep]

The word "snoep" is used for candy in general. When talking about a piece of candy, use the diminutive "snoepje".

Sometimes a young attractive woman might be called a "snoepje" by men, but that is a bit derogatory (like "eye candy").

You can turn "snoep" into a verb by adding -en. The verb "snoepen" translates to "eating candy".

1. "Kinderen houden van snoep."
("Children/kids like candy.")

2. "Te veel snoepen is slecht voor je gebit."
("Eating too much candy is bad for your teeth." See 24. Tandpasta.)

Dutch slang: "ouwe snoeperd".
An "ouwe snoeperd" is an older man (near ‘elderly’ old) clearly checking out very young girls. "Snoeperd" is derived from "snoeper": one who eats candy.

"<verbaasd:> Moet je die ouwe snoeperd eens zien!"
(<amazed:> "Take a look at that ouwe snoeperd!")

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