can (of beverage) [noun] [het blikje, de blikjes]

"Blikje" is the diminutive of "blik", which has several meanings (as usual):
1. look, glance, glaze.
2. can.
3. tin(plate).

The diminutive "blikje", however, is almost always used for a can of beverage.

1. "Verkoopt u blikjes bier?"
("Do you sell cans of beer?")

2. "Die man heeft een stoïcijnse blik."
("That man has a stoic look (on his face).")

3. "Jouw blik bevalt me niet!"
("I do not like the look on your face!" See also "DWOTD (57): Bevallen".)

– "Als blikken konden doden…"
("If looks could kill…")

Related word:
– "Blikvanger": eye catcher.

Sometimes, near traffic lights you’ll find some kind of big scoop net with lots of junk in and around it where it says "blikvanger". This is a pun, since other than catching the eye, it also catches cans (and other trash). This is supposed to prevent people from carelessly throwing their trash out of the window, but it does not really make the point clear that one is not supposed to throw trash on the road anyway!