squall, gust [noun] [de rukwind, de rukwinden]

The past week two storms have passed over the Netherlands, leading to very strong winds primarily at the coast. In general, storms in the Netherlands are not very serious, but cyclists and motorists can definitely get in trouble due to "rukwinden": sudden sharp increases in wind speed.
The word "rukwind" consists of "ruk" and "wind". The noun "ruk" comes from the verb "rukken" which translates to "to jerk/tug/pull"; quick consecutive strong pulls. And yes, it can be used in a sexual context (see ‘Related words’).

– "Door hevige rukwinden kwamen diverse automobilisten in de problemen op de A4 in de richting van Amsterdam."
("Due to strong squalls/gusts several motorists got into trouble on the A4 in the direction of Amsterdam.")

– "Het Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI) waarschuwt fietsers morgen niet de weg op te gaan in verband met mogelijke rukwinden."
("The Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute for Meteorology warns cyclists not to go on the roads tomorrow because of possible squalls/gusts.")

Related words:
1. "Windstoot": synonym for "rukwind".
2. "Storm": storm.
3. "Wind": wind.
4. "Waaien": to blow (by the wind, see DWOTD "72. Waaien").
5. "Rukken": to jerk/tug/pull.
6. "(Af)rukken": (informal) to jerk off, to masturbate (by a man).