hay fever [noun] [de hooikoorts, de hooikoortsen] [‘hooi-koorts’] 

"Hooikoorts" is composed of "hooi" and "koorts", which respectively translate to "hay" and "fever", hence "hay fever".

The idiom "last hebben van" (lit.: "to have (a) burden of) is perfectly suited to use when you want to express that you’re suffering from something or when you’re bothered by something unpleasant…hay fever, for example. See the Examples.Paardebloem_2


– "Het is weer hooikoortstijd."
("It’s hay fever season again." Lit.: "It’s hay fever time again.")

– "Ha-a-a-a-a-a….tsjie!." – "Gezondheid." – "Dank je, ik word gek van die hooikoorts!"
("A-a-a-a-a-a…..choo!." – "Bless you." – "Thanks, this hay fever is driving me nuts!" Lit.: "Health." – "Thanks, I’m becoming crazy because of that hay fever!")

– "Archi, ben je verkouden?" – "Nee, ik heb last van hooikoorts…"
("Archi, do you have a cold?" – "I’m suffering from hay fever…")

– "Het geeft niet schat dat je huilt." – "Zo kan-ie wel weer, ik heb gewoon last van hooikoorts."
("Don’t worry about you crying honey." – "That’s enough now, I’m just suffering from hay fever."

Related words:
– "Hooi": hay.
– "Koorts": fever.
– "Verkoudheid": cold.
– "Snuiten": to blow one’s nose.
– "Jeuk": itch.